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Computer Programming, Website Design, Online Training


Computer and Websites development
Our mission is to provide IT developers and Web developers with IT technology information, IT hardware products, Books and eBooks. Software tools and Computer training (Online Training, e_learning) that we have found useful in our more than 30 years long activity in computer software development and support. We have worked both in the UK and in Italy and the site is therefore published in both English and Italian.

The site's main areas of interest are:

  • IBM iSeries (AS/400) systems and applications. You will find plenty of useful information, books, computer programming services, training and some useful utilities in Cobol and RPG.

  • Computer Training and Website Design Training. You will find good Online Training, e-Learning or Distance Learning at the Computer and Internet courses pages, good eBooks on Computer Programming at the IT eBooks collection page and good eBooks on Website design and promotion at the Internet eBooks page.

  • Internet Technology. We are interested in all new developments of Internet access, Website design, eCommerce etc. You will find useful information and links especially in the Computer books, Website development and Website building training pages.

  • Linux. This operating system has been used for many years to power up servers with high service requirements. It is growing more and more stable and offers good opportunities of integration with iSeries (AS/400) servers. You will find good Linux books, useful links on Linux applications, integration tools and news especially in the pages Linux courses and Linux Technology News.

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Visit also our specialised sites for:

You will find news and information on the latest technology developments and applications, especially in the areas of the IBM iSeries and Linux systems, in the Information Technology page.

You will find some original reports on technical issues and many useful software utilities on the Software Downloads page.

You will find useful articles in the Articles page.

Some useful Product Reviews can be found at Guide4Shopping.co.uk.

Thanks for visiting! We'd like your opinion on our site. What did you like? What don't you like? How can we improve it? All your comments will be welcome.Send us an e-mail and please leave your details in the opt-in box above.

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