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Meet Boo, Your Special Digital Pet

Meet Boo, your personal electronic puppy! Enjoy countless hours of pleasurable in this habit forming and also entertaining game delivered you by Tapps Games!

Each Boo is like a true pet that would need lots of interest, and your task is always to take care of it in the most convenient way possible. Feed it, clean it, look after its healthiness, put it to sleep and practice with your trusty Boo - although you have lots of pleasurable with over twenty awesome small games which will without doubt keep you entertained along with your Boo glad as a dog!

If Your very own Boo is hungry, You will discover an array of tasty and healthy food in the pantry: from fabulous tacos to some tender barbecue ribs, or perhaps a portion of octopus sashimi when you're in the feeling for a more exotic food! Your own sweet tooth will probably be satisfied with mouthwatering candies, for example pumpkin pies, milkshakes, and vibrant lollipops!

You can also dress your boo any way you like! Check out his closet as well as style it such as your favorite movie or reserve character! Pick its head of hair and customize, from top hats to a regal crown, or even a leprechaun hat! Decide on your attire! From formal to the fun - as well as every type in between! You could buy new accessories to customize your own Boo as you grade up!. If you do not want to purchase then you can go for my boo your virtual pet game mod apk

Your boo will get dirty every now and then, and like another pet, a bathtub is necessary! Taking care of your pet dog also entails offering it some medication at any time needed, you can play with wonder potions and energy drinks! You can also redecorate its residence with fun signs and decorative rugs - not forgetting redo the partitions with beautiful wallpaper as well as some fancy floors! You'll LOVE this BOOtiful game much, you won't be able to leave it on your own!

Focal points

- Assume your Boo, give it a special first name and observe it grow up! It's therefore sweet!

- DRESS it up with countless garments to give your own Boo the best appearance! Just they way you want!

- Give Boo with candy, cookies, fresh fruits, pizza and even sushi for a treat! Tasty!

- TICKLE, play keepie-uppie, trampoline or maybe jump rope with your Boo to keep it happy as well as cheerful!

After studying Highlights you will think about my boo your virtual pet game mod apk to down load.

And much higher! There's at all times so much to perform in My Boo!

Little GAMES

Have fun with exciting tiny games as well as earn coins to get items and food for your own Boo!

- Boo Mix - Complement Boos in a 2048 style video game

- Piano Boo - Tap the Boos and also avoid the white tiles

You can find easily all these features with the help of my boo your virtual pet game mod apk

As well as far more!

Keep in mind! This game is free to play, but it really contains items which can be purchased for real cash. Some capabilities and bonuses mentioned in the description may also must be purchased for actual money.

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