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Poor Health Care Facilities That Are Resulting In Healthiness Destruction Of Underprivileged Women And Men Of Pakistan

Physical health industry in Pakistan has been struggling for many years. Well being delivery system is run by each state and non-state governments. A person staying in urban places have an easy access to best quality healthcare services whereas, in rural areas, accessibility to suitable health care services is hard. People either live distant from the clinics/hospitals or they never have any such institutes in their places. In this particular circumstance, Saad raja began health awareness program.

In Pakistan, several efforts are usually made to build up the well-being system but still it is certainly not encouraging. Poor health facilities are also causing health deterioration of underprivileged people of Pakistan. Because of the shortage of nurses as well as doctors for rural places, every year thousands of small children die in the course of birth or if perhaps they continue living, they experience several diseases. The increasing amount of heart patients mostly as well as children afflicted with congenital heart defect is disturbing. The mortality rate of ladies is usually high because they are treated by midwives with no professional awareness. In-spite of this, Saad raja is trying to offer such amenities in non-urban places.

Saad raja addressed about Pakistan's population

Pakistan's population is approximately 185 million out of which more than 70 million sufferers are living below the poverty line. Around 78% of the population is buying well-being expenditures out of their pockets which is manageable for upper or maybe middle class but for the lower class, it truly is a different story. With the income of merely 5000 to 6000 rupees per month, they need to pay money for the food, bills, transport also for the fees if their youngsters are studying. In addition to that, if each of the members of the family gets sick, they are left with less or maybe no money to tackle them.

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