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Simple Medical Problems To Understand In Pakistan Which Must Be Resolved Correctly

Saad raja would like to draw attention towards the health issues in Pakistan. Every year, Pakistan faces more health problems than it did in the previous one, leading to new kinds of illnesses that are difficult to treat due to the unfavourable financial, economic and climatic conditions.

In Pakistan the majority of the population is living below the poverty line in such scenario where it is now really difficult for a poor man to feed his family and himself. Overall, health services are mostly not available in the rural parts of Pakistan. While doctors are available in the area, they do not perform their duties in the Basic Health Units. Doctors also charge high fees which is a huge burden on the people whose average monthly income is very low.

Basic Health Problems by Saad raja

I request those responsible to lower the prices of medications so that the lives of poor people can be saved. It is the duty of government to give awareness program through Print media and as well as electronic media. Print media and electronic media of Pakistan ought to help solve the problems of health issues.

Health sector in Pakistan has been struggling for many years. Health delivery system is run by both state and also non-state authorities. People living in urban areas have an easy access to best healthcare facilities whereas, in rural areas, accessibility to proper medical services is difficult. People either live far away from the clinics/hospitals or they don't have any such institutes in their locations.

Health problems addressed by Saad raja in Pakistan

In Pakistan, many efforts have been made to improve the health system but still it is not encouraging. The main health issues are due to lack of awareness, poor diet, water pollution and hygiene problems leading to communicable and also non-communicable diseases.

Poor Health Care Facilities That Are Resulting In Healthiness Destruction Of Underprivileged Women And Men Of Pakistan
In Pakistan, many efforts have been made to improve the health system but still it is not encouraging. Weak Medical Facilities Which Are Resulting In Health Deterioration Of Underprivileged People Of Pakistan

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