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IBM AS/400 Utilities

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Useful Software Tools Downloads

You will find on this page many good software tools for PC and Internet users. Some specialised products for the IBM iSeries (AS/400) and for Linux systems can be found on separate pages (see menu on the left).

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Alternatively browse the following sites:

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Some good products that we suggest are the following:

  • A FREE eBook on Clickbank by Harvey Segal which explains how to become a successful Clickbank affiliate.
  • My Free WebSite Builder by Ewen Chia. It is a useful FREE tool to develop Website HTML pages simply by using a point-and-click approach. Full instructions provided.
  • File Squasher. It is he industry leading archive management tool which allows to unpack any type of Archive file such as .zip, .rar, .ace, tar or gz. You can also pack your private files in a password secure file.
  • Hub Blueprint An Ebook which explains how HubPages are a powerful Web2.0 tool to increase website traffic.
  • PDF Ebook Writer. It is a A very good PDF Editor which allows you write PDF Ebooks without fiddling around with clunky word processors. This product has everything needed including a built-in word processor and PDF converter. The product can be resold
  • Password Resetter
    Finding safe software that will unlock your Windows passwords is hard to find. The Unique Password Resetter Utility allows to reset your forgotten Passwords.
  • Seo Elite:
    New Seo (Search Engine Optimisation) Software! The Grand Daddy Of All Seo Software! Improve your site Ranking In Under 30 Days!
  • Seo One Way Links:
    One way links to your website are important to increase rankings!
  • Perfect Uninstaller:
    Perfect Uninstaller Is A Better And Easier Way For You To Completely Uninstall Any Unneeded Application That Standard Windows Add/Remove Program Cant Remove.
  • Restore Deleted Files:
    Our Software Recovers Lost, Deleted, Or Corrupt Files And Data From Your Hard Drive Saving You Time And Money!
  • Ultimate Font Download:
    Download more than 6000 fonts!
  • Dreamweaver Interactive Video Tutorial:
    Discover Everything You Need To Know To Build Your Website Step By Step From Start To Finish With This Dreamweaver Tutorial.
  • Learn Photoshop:
    Master The Basics Of Adobe Photoshop In Under 2 Hours With Easy To Follow Instantly Accessible Online Video Tutorials.
  • Learn Digital Photography Now:
    Learn How To Quickly And Easily Start Taking Awesome Photos With Your Digital Camera, Even If You Are A Complete Newbie.

I remind also some very useful downloads, included in other pages of our site such as:

If you have any requirement or just need some information or advice, please send an Email.

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