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Computer and Internet Training

People are keen to learn about Computers and the Internet.

The Internet offers plenty of opportunities to learn new skills and to develop existing ones. Computer based training or eLearning is becoming widely accepted and now even some Universities offer Online degree courses (See for instance the Distance learning programs of the Loyola University of Chicago, of the University of London and of the Oxford Brookes University.

Some good directories of elearning courses can be found at Compinfo.ws and at Courses.uk.com.

In the detailed pages (select the options of the vertical menu bar on the left) we present good courses classified by interest groups as follows:

  • Online Courses or CD courses You will find here an extensive choice of courses that you can follow on-line or access from a CD-Rom.

  • IBM iSeries Training This is a specialised area and you will find AS/400 courses on ebooks, online or CBT dedicated to teach skills for the IBM iSeries or AS/400. You will find here also our ebooks (Learn by Example) that we have written to teach Cobol and RPG for the AS/400, with many useful programs.

  • Linux Courses You will find here good training and resources for Linux (and Unix).

  • Website Building Courses You will find internet training and resources for Website design, Web development, languages, tools and techniques and you will learn how to develop succesfull Websites.

You will discover the best opportunities to increase your skills at a fraction of the costs normally required for traditional class training.

We highly recommend the Website DeveloperWorks , published by IBM for IT developers. It contains a large quantity of good tutorials and documents on Java, XML, SOA, Websphere and a lot more that can be accessed after a simple online registration.

Visit our Amazon Books and Software store for computer books and software.

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