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Information Technology (IT) Issues

You will find below a few technical reports involving the iSeries (AS/400) and integration with Linux / Unix / Windows, tools, connectivity issues and much more. You will find also a lot of useful technical info on the AS/400 and Linux information technology by choosing the options of the menu on the left.

Technical Reports

We have tried to summarise and discuss some interesting information technology issues in the following reports. Please click each link to access the corresponding report.

AS/400 and Linux/Unix Integration.
The report presents the increasing opportunities of integration between these platfortms
Some useful AS/400 integration utilities
This report presents some useful utilities to transfer data between AS/400 and Linux/PCs applications.
AS/400 WebServices and SOAP
The report provides an introduction to the techniques to develop and use WebServices and SOAP on the iSeries (AS/400) and discusses also how to use Cobol and RPG programs with WebServices and SOAP.
DB2 Connectivity
The report provides a list of useful articles about the connectivity options of the DB2 database.
AS/400 SQL Performance
The report contains the results of some tests comparing the performance of traditional file oriented programs, with equivalent programs using embedded SQL. It shows also that a good use of SQL indexes and views can have significant benefits.
Virtual Box for Linux and Windows Integration
The report provides some information on a possible and tested approach to use both Linux and Windows on the same Desktop.

We have also published some eBooks on the above and other general purpose utilities, with a full documentation of the programs in Cobol or RPG and their functions. Some of them are free and can be downloded from the Downloads page. Some of them are meant to be used as training eBbooks for the AS/400 Cobol and RPG and can be purchased from the E-Books Downloads page.

One of the best ways to develop IT knowledge is to browse Amazon for technical books. Just click the banner below to access it.

If you are interested to receive information or if you want to send us some feedback and suggestions for improvements, please send an e-mail.

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