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Linux Certification. You can find a lot of interesting information about Linux Certification at The Linux Professional Institute (LPI). If you want to take the Linux Certification exams, you will find very good tutorials at the following link The LPI exam tutorials.

K12Linux is Linux Terminal Server Project (LTSP.org) integrated with Fedora 10, in a convenient LiveUSB or DVD media installer. Since 1999 LTSP has empowered many schools and businesses with Linux-based terminal servers and thin clients, allowing low-cost clients or recycled computers to become powerful Linux desktop machines. K12Linux allows easy deployment of a Linux terminal server, capable of serving entire networks of netboot diskless clients. Clients login to the central terminal server, where they can use any Linux desktop environment (GNOME, KDE, XFCE, etc.) and most desktop applications. Significant long-term cost savings are made possible by central management of software and accounts.

APPX RAD APPX is a Rapid Application Development environment which can be installed on Linux and on many other Operating Systems. You can find information and a free Linux download at the APPX Software link.

Linux and Windows. It is often useful and sometimes necessary to use on the same machine both Linux and Windows. The traditional dual boot approach is not the best solution. We have written an How-To document about an approach that has worked pretty well for us. You can read it and possibly download it by using the following link Win_to_Linux

Is Linux suitable for business Desktops ?. An interesting discussion on this topic can be found at the following URL: Linux Today

Linux Office. An objection to take Linux on the desktop is "Linux hasn't anything like Microsoft Access". We have good news for you. It has and is called OpenOffice.org.1.0 that includes, among many other functions, also a user-friendly database front-end. If you want to read an interesting document on how to make a connection to a MySQL database try the following link http://www.unixodbc.org/doc/OOoMySQL.pdf .

RAD IDE similar to MS Access or Paradox. Rekall is a multiplatform database centric IDE written in Python. It supports MySQL, PostgresSQL, IBM DB2 and ODBC sources. For information check TheKompany.com.

There are some Open Source alternatives to Outlook An interesting project under development at the Open Source Application Foundation is Chandler that should have functions similar to Microsoft Outlook without the need for a dedicated Exchange server. See some details at the http://Open Source Application Foundation. Another product is CommuniGate Pro that provides a comprehensive e-mail platform. See details at Stalker Software.

There are some Open Source LDAP services. The OpenLDAP server is a full implementation of the LDAP specification. According to Mark Taylor of SiriusIT it is fast, robust and rich in functionality. A useful howto document is the LDAP-HOWTO.

Linux Application Development using WebSphere Studio 5 is an interesting new RedBook published by IBM to familiarize developers with IBM middleware and tools for Linux and with the development of Web applications on Linux. The book demonstrates how to build an ITSO Banking application with a front-end application and back-end database. You can find more details at the URL http://www.redbooks.ibm.com/abstracts/sg246431.html

Basic on Linux. There are various versions of the Basic language for Linux. For example Gambas creates on Linux an environment similar to Visual Basic (see the URL http://gambas.sourcefoge.net). A new open source product that can be used on Linux, Mac and Windows is called KBasic. For information look at the following URL http://www.kbasic.org/

Linux distributions from CD. Some distributions can be booted and run entirely from CD. They can be useful for demonstration and also when you need to repair a damaged system. I used one recently to restore a damaged /etc/passwd file that prevented me from logging in. Two well know names are the following: knoppix and demolinux

Broadband Internet Software. A useful site which provides documentation and software to set up a Broadband Internet Router with Linux can be found at the BBIAgent Web page.

NTL Broadband connection with Linux. Recently I subscribed to the NTL:home bradband service and I received an installation CD with software for Windows or MAC only. However I found that is pretty easy to activate also a Linux connection. Some details can be found at the Graham Cooper site.

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